Ghana Team Journal

"The Rewards are So Great"

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ghana was absolutely wonderful. The program there is very well run, and I so enjoyed my teammates, and the village. The total experience was amazing. I was interviewed by our local newspaper and found it almost impossible to put into words what going and doing these trips means to me. The rewards are so great.

Meeting new friends who have the same dreams and goals as I do to serve mankind is such a blessing. What I personally gave is not anywhere's near what I received from the village people, and the students that I worked with. My world takes on new dimensions with each coming day and its unique experiences.

Our team was comprised of wonderful young women, and us retires who truly enjoyed each other, and gave from very deep places in our hearts. The passion that Kathleen Hubbarb Ismail has for Senchi is contagious. We were so respected, and appreciated by the chiefs, queen mother, teachers and head masters at the school. The students eagerness to learn is wonderful. Being called "Madam Liz," and "Obroni Grandma" by my the students touched me deeply.

Teaching is my passion and they took to my style with gusto. I come prepared with the needed supplies to teach effectively and all goes very well for me, and my students. It is a real joy to see their eagerness to improve their language skills, and combining it with reading and writing makes a major impact. They love the song I made up some years back to teach to challenged learners about being special. It starts our time together each day on a very positive note.

The guest house, is very comfortable, the food good, and our team leader Esther and her assistant Amo make every effort to be the best hosts possible. They assisted everyone with whatever they needed or wanted to accomplish. Thanks so much for a life-giving experience!

-Liz Clark, retired teacher

Global Volunteers Featured in AARP Bulletin!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Global Volunteers is excited and honored to be featured in the most recent edition of the AARP Bulletin!!

In the article "Boomers Mean Business," Global Volunteers is featured as an organization that allows boomers to "Do Good" in this world. Please read an excerpt of the piece below, or use the following link to read the whole article:

As featured in AARP Bulletin:


In 1979, Michele Gran and Bud Philbrook, imbued with youthful idealism, spent part of their honeymoon in a mountain village in Guatemala, writing grant proposals for development projects.

Enthusiastic response to a newspaper story about their experience led them to found Global Volunteers in 1984, a nonprofit that sponsors two- to three-week volunteer vacations in Europe, South America, Asia and Africa. Volunteers care for children or work on long-term building projects. Today, boomers make up about 30 percent of their participants.

"When boomers started to turn 55, we started to see a significant uptick in interest in our trips," says Philbrook, 64. "They want to give something back, add meaning to their lives."

Peace Corps volunteers 60 and older have more than doubled in the past three years. And the foundation started by Microsoft's Bill Gates, 55, and his wife, Melinda, 46, has given more than $24 billion to U.S. and international causes.