Ghana Team Journal

Back to work after a great weekend

Monday, July 30, 2012

Thought of the day: When we face our maker we will not be asked how many positions did you hold but how many people did you help
We woke up late, but it was a great weekend. 

Martine went to the library.  She worked with students with the basic computer knowledge.  Margaret went to a private school and took pictures of her former Global Volunteers adventures. 
Esther took us to the market for material.  Martine wanting pure shaved butter and black soap.  She was looking and found hair extensions of hair to be braided into her hair.  We forgot about the chocolate.  Esther wanted to shop so we went home in a taxi.

 With our material we went straight to Margaret our personal dressmaker.  We got measured and picked out our pattern.
After dinner Margaret removed a mask off the wall to see where it was made.  Out ran a lizard that made Martine scream and Margaret jumped out of her shoes.  I really started to laugh when I looked down and had no shoes on my feet.  This laughter stayed on me for part of the night.