Ghana Team Journal

Party at school and busy work day at the clinic

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thought of the day: “We must use what we have to invent what we desire.”-Adrienne Rich

Today is the last day of school for most of the students here. This is the day children bring a dish to school to have an end of the year party with their classmates. The private schools will have theirs next Thursday. 

Today at the clinic, I helped fill out new card applications as well as insurance applications.  This was the most work I’ve done since volunteering at the clinic. More malaria patients came in. A common scene here.
Today was so far the warmest day. Lunch for today was “Red Red” (black eye pea’s stew with ground cassava sprinkle over it served with sweet plantain.  I enjoyed today’s lunch. Margaret was very tired today therefore; she went for a quick nap. In the meantime, Samuel educated me about the culture of Ghana. The driver came to pick us up around 3:00 hour to take us to the bead factory. Traveling by taxi to the bead place was an adventure within itself. There was one area that was bumper and more difficult to drive though. You have to be a pretty skillful driver to get through this road. Once inside the factory, I saw how beautiful this place is. It’s quiet and peaceful. Palm trees everywhere. We saw the equipment and products that were used to make these beautiful bracelets and necklaces. They were mostly made from wine bottles. Both Margaret and I both purchased a couple bracelets.

For dinner that evening, we ate fried chicken served with fried rice and coleslaw. Very good!