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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This morning for breakfast, we were served corn flakes for breakfast. I haven’t had this cereal in decades. Unfortunately, I couldn’t enjoy it because it was served with carnation milk. Plus cold cereals are not my thing. But I did enjoy the omelet with toast.
Esther came about minutes to 8:00am. We sat at the table to read yesterday’s journal. Then we were off to the clinic.

This morning, the clinic was not having as many patients as yesterday. Only about six patients came in while I was there.  While waiting for Gertrude at the front desk waiting to check patients in, I can hear children nearby in the local schools singing and drums beating. The sound of them made me smile. The clinic is in need of many resources. At least from what I have observed. I noticed Gertrude only had one thermometer to check all the patients’ temperatures. Only one scale was available. Simple things like alcohol and alcohol pads, blood pressures monitors, and medicine dispensers, the clinic seemed to be lacking.
Before checking in any patients, a prayer service is always held at every medical center. Most of the patients that came in today had malaria. On girl was so ill that she collapsed in the waiting area. That was a scary scene.

Back to the guest house after the clinic. We were served yam balls with coleslaw, and fish. The food was very good! At 3:00 we were at the library to read to the children. A few of the kids were eager to read me some stories. They were very good readers. One of the books I read to the kids was the Senchi Ferry Library book. The children really loved that one because they were pictures in it.

Dinner was good but a lot. I ate mostly the veggies and a little rice. I was still full from lunch.